Hollywood, city of dreams and home to countless lost angels has a dark and strange side you wont find on the $5 dollar tour. Throughout history, it has been home to many of Americas most notorious Serial Killers like Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson. It’s given birth to modern-day cults like Scientology, Illuminati Cults, Lizard People and more. There’s the cursed Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle, the Haunted Roosevelt Hotel and Vogue Theatre and of course the infamous Hollywood sign ghost. And it’s the only place you’ll find strip joints like Jumbo’s Clown Room, where amputees, Vampires and other freaks sling it for a buck! This is HollyWEIRD folks, where ANYTHING goes!

“Awesome way to experience the WEIRD side of Hollywood!” – Starburst

“I watched it three times and will watch it again, this is a cult classic.” – Deadly Indie Drive In

$17.95 USD     |     Running Time 80 min plus special features     |   EWO 011 |    UPC: 760137417590  |     USA   |     English     |    VIEW TRAILER     |    

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