Aliens & Hippies

It was the age of Aquarius, a time of civil unrest and radically different viewpoints creating a radical divide among the populace; not unlike the political divide we are experiencing today. Drug use and psychedelic experimentation exploded onto the scene like nothing before and people from all generations were tuning out, to tune in to a wholly different consciousness via transcendental meditation and other means. What they didn’t expect was outer space listening in.  As a result of this mind blowing expansion of consciousness, many of those involved in this counter culture explosion claim to have made contact with aliens from outer space, many of them are today’s leaders in technology and the digital revolution.

“If you thought ‘How William Shatner Changed the World’ was mind blowing, watch this!” – Phenomena Mag

“It’s easy to see the chain of technological advancements that former Hippies have brought to market.” – UMN

$17.95 USD  |  Running Time 70 min plus Special Features  |  EWO 009  |  UPC: 760137384298  |  USA  |  English  |  VIEW TRAILERBUY NOW

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